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Produced by our shop: Styling spiky hair for men

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Styling spiky hair for men revolves around lifting one’s hair

to create the illusion of spikes or sharp tubular shapes.

Recommended products to style spiky hair

  1. Hair dryer: a hair dryer will give your spiky hair a harder and drier look. It will also help you to dry your hair faster and you can point the hair dryer to your hair as you spike it.

  2. Hair wax: great for shaping natural-looking spikes or for shaping them as sharply spiked as desired. Get at least a firm-hold hair wax, although a strong-hold hair wax is by far the best hair product for shaping spiky hair. If you use a matte hair-styling wax, you can also recreate naturally spiky hair easily.

  3. Super-strong hair gel: the go-to product for spiky hair. Make sure that the holding strength of the hair gel is at least a “strong” or “high” hold.

  4. Pomade: to be used if you want to give your spikes a high-shine look. It’s imperative that you use a water-based pomade for spiky hair and not an oil-based pomade. The best pomade will have a strong hold and provide a high-shine finish (don’t worry, these two pomade-product characteristics are written on the product’s label).


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