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Regular Pedicures services are provided from Htt beauty for Senior.

This senior lady becomes a nail-holic after her first manicure and pedicure service in Head to Toes Beauty! She had prepaid and scheduled appointment to get her nails done at this salon every single month, in a way to secure her healthy nails and to get proper hand and foot care.

It is our pleasure to give her something pleasurable to look forward to! She needs to do lots of gardening work and short nails make the work easier. Our licensed professional shapes her nails and put on shellac polish to make her nails look nicer, durable and stronger.

She is now aware of the importance of foot care and that keep her away from curling, clubbing, thickening and ingrown nails. With improved blood circulation to the feet, it reduces the problem of numbness and cramps in feet.

To care your senior relatives or friends more, call us today to learn more from our amazing caregivers for the services offered. Head to Toes Beauty is a licensed and registered Salon situated at 401 A, Central Street, Summerside, PE.

Phone Number +1 (902) 598 6678 / (902) 724 5383

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